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A few years ago, I wrote a big bang story called 'Breathing Underwater', for Dearka/Yzak/Shiho from Gundam SEED/Destiny. At the time, I'd listed a few songs that had been influential to the story and, since I need to finish a few expanded scenes for the story and had it on my mind, I thought I'd also expand the song list a bit and make it into a proper soundtrack. ^_^;

Breathing Underwater )
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Hello! First post in this comm! C:

This is the second (complete) fanmix I've made ever; they're lots of fun! A couple of songs kept nagging at me to be made into a mix, so I spent a little while putting this together!

Title: her tears like diamonds
Fandom: Diabolik Lovers
Pairing: Yui Komori/Ayato Sakamaki
{listen here!}

30 minutes long; track list below!
her tears like diamonds )
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 I've never actually made a fanmix before so I had a lot of fun! Although I've disregarded a lot of the rules in that guide on the Fanlore entry, haha.

The fanmix is called endure also the thorns, for the ship Balaban/Beyazit of the manga Shokoku no Altair and can be found here.
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Also called Fan Soundtracks, or FSTs, Fanmixes are fanmade mixtapes inspired by fandoms, pairings, characters, etc. While some accompany other works, such as Big Bang fics, many are made as unique fanwork. Often, creators make CD-case-sized art depicting front and back covers for their mix.

The challenge: make your own mix. Four song minimum, art optional. There's no rules on what the mix can be for- a character, a movie, BPAL perfume, dinosaurs... nor any song-length requirements.

Posting can be done however is easiest - 8tracks link, link to a Youtube playlist, etc.


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