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Words: 670
Warnings: No warnings apply.
Title: Brookside Pep Talk
Summary: Jesse talks to Saber about Genny.
Rating: All Ages
Pairings: Genny / Saber
Fandom: Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia
Characters: Genny, Jesse, Saber
Challenge: For July 2017 / Pick-A-Number at [community profile] monthlysupergo.

Notes: For Prompt # 33river / stream / brook.

* * * *

Brookside Pep Talk )
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Fandom: Star Trek: the Original Series
Title: Exile
Characters: Spock
Word count: 6 words
Prompt: The Black Sheep
Summary: a six word story

Rejected. Found paradise in Jim. Exiled
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Pick-a-Number games come in many forms and have had many sorts of rules/instructions. Some work like the mad-libs we did earlier, some are for prompts, and there are a myriad of other ways to put in numbers = get out prompts!

This month, you are going to pick a number between 1-50. Please don't choose a number someone else has already chosen. I have a list of 50 prompts pulled from some of dozens of prompt lists, bingo cards, etc. I've collected over the years.

You are free to write fanfic, write original fic, draw fanart or original art, make icons, knit, vid, etc. in response. There's no upper or lower limit. If a six-word-story works, it works. And if you're inspired for your next novel, well, drop a link to it on amazon when it's published. ^_^ I don't know how I'd put a limit on your knitted entry, tbh


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