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A few years ago, I wrote a big bang story called 'Breathing Underwater', for Dearka/Yzak/Shiho from Gundam SEED/Destiny. At the time, I'd listed a few songs that had been influential to the story and, since I need to finish a few expanded scenes for the story and had it on my mind, I thought I'd also expand the song list a bit and make it into a proper soundtrack. ^_^;

1. Metric - Breathing Underwater

Is this my life?
Am I breathing underwater?

2. Dover - Let Me Out

The phone is ringing
The clock is ticking
Just let me out

3. T.M. Revolution - Zips

(the theme to Gundam SEED MSV, where Shiho mostly resides)

4. Metric - Speed the Collapse

Fate Don't Fail Me Now

5. Tanya Donelly - Days of Grace

i'm on top of this, over my head again

6. Chumbawamba - Bad Dog
(note- nsfw album cover in video)

"the pursuit of sex threatens to make good girls bad, so we usually accept the cultural standard of sexual minimalism... few partners, fewer positions, less gratification with a sense of responsibility, entitlement and enthusiasm. the good girl/bad girl distinction will fail to terrorise us and control our access to pleasure only if we set out to destroy the double standard." (paula webster) - from the album notes

7. Andrew W.K. - Cadillac

(wait for it)

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\o/ moohahahahaha ~


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