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Isn't it still July? The two months have just become one in the back of my skull...

So let's have a Fusion Fest! Take two things and mash them together and see what comes of it. But more than just fusions are welcome (Fusion Fest just sounded good, okay~) - Crossovers, AUs, etc. are welcome.

1. Fusion - a combination of two different fandoms as if they've always been one. e.g. The cast of Final Fantasy VII have always been Hogwarts students.

2. Crossover - where two different fandoms intersect but still have their attached canon. e.g. The cast of Final Fantasy VII fall into the Lifestream and are found by the Avengers on Earth.

3. Alternate Universes - combining a fandom and a different situation from canon. e.g. The cast of Final Fantasy VII working in a bakery.

4. However you want to mash these together or something different. If you primarily create original works, try some of your original characters as factory workers. Or magicians. Put beads in your knitting. Use water color and nailpolish. ^_^

Lower limit is 100 words or equivalent, please! And get fusing!

Date: 2017-08-06 03:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] taichara
*cackles madly*

Date: 2017-08-06 04:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sashataakheru
This will either end with something sensible, or some ridiculous crackfic. Let's see which one my brain picks. :D


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