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June 2017 - Weekly Prompt 3 (15MinuteFiclets)

You may interpret this prompt however you'd like - pluralize it, change its form, use a secondary definition, etc. You may create for any fandom or original.

Please post or link your finished work in the comments so as not to spoil anyone who hasn't seen the prompt yet!

This week's prompt: WAVE

(Remember, amnesty is permanent.)
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The problem with waves is that they never really stop, they just change in intensity. There's the gentle lapping when the ocean is calm, and the tsunami when the earth shakes, and everything in between. Waves are never absent.

The witch scowled at this, watching the water come ashore on the empty beach. They were as far from home as they were going to get, but like any wave, they would soon return to the ocean. They weren't looking forward to that.

The gentle waves, they could deal with. It was the ones that crashed down around them, threatning to drown them, they were the problem. But how to escape them wasn't on their mind. That seemed impossible. She would find them, she always did.

They stood, gingerly, as the sun began to set. Perhaps Harold Holt had the right idea, to just keep swimming until they disappeared. To be swallowed by the ocean. That would at least be an end, wouldn't it?

The witch didn't move. They closed their eyes, whispering a prayer to Einalian Hekate, who ruled the oceans. Perhaps the goddess could save them from drowning. A cold salty breeze responded, and in the distance, a crow. Was that it, then? Was that all the response they were going to get? They had been devoted and loyal, and scared, and terrorised, and made to feel so small that running away from their girlfriend had seemed like the only way to be free of her.

But maybe she was right. Who would love the witch if she didn't? The witch had always been betrayed by their body. Neither and both and something else, they had gender forced on them, just like everything else in their life. The surgeries had left their body broken and incomplete. Who could love a body like this? No one. Except her.

A hand yanked hard on the collar around the witch's neck. The wave had returned. They closed their eyes, whispered another prayer, gave up in despair.

"Don't even think of plunging into those waves. This is not your time. I still have work for you to do."

The witch shivered at the sound of the voice murmuring in their ear. It wasn't the wave. It was Hekate.