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Icons: Madoka☆Magica, Love Live!

I love making icons :D Well, sort of. In times past, I could be very diligent about making a background for every icon and all that jazz, but these days I'd much rather just crop and edit the lighting, colouring, etc. of the picture itself. I guess these days I just go for a simpler style.

6 100x100 icons of Sakurauchi Riko
6 100x100 icons of Koizumi Hanayo
12 200x200 icons of Kaname Madoka or Ultimate Madoka

The Madoka icons are bigger because Tumblr, but they'll work just fine on DW!

桜内 梨子

小泉 花陽

鹿目/アルティメット まどか

If anyone wants to request Madoka Magica icons, feel free! I'm really happy to make them!