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Words: 670
Warnings: No warnings apply.
Title: Brookside Pep Talk
Summary: Jesse talks to Saber about Genny.
Rating: All Ages
Pairings: Genny / Saber
Fandom: Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia
Characters: Genny, Jesse, Saber
Challenge: For July 2017 / Pick-A-Number at [community profile] monthlysupergo.

Notes: For Prompt # 33river / stream / brook.

* * * *

Genny picked up her staff and performed a polite half-bow to Saber before leaving him to return to Celica at the center of camp, and, for a long moment, Saber had only the sound of the brook tumbling over its stones next to him for company.

Jesse, being Jesse, decided to take that moment of peace and ruin it by saying, as he had a seat on a flat, moss-covered rock next to where Saber lay, "Good as new, huh?"

Saber sighed and growled, "What, do you think she spent all those years at the Priory for nothing? Of course I'm good as new. You can't even tell I had a scratch on me."

"Well, let's be fair, Saber: It'd be hard to see one new scar when you've already got so many on you," Jesse said, shrugging. "Did you really need her to come and heal you, though, or are you starting to look for any old excuse to talk to her? Hmm?"

"What are you implying?" Saber asked, trailing two fingers in the running water.

Jesse winked, laying down on the rock and folding his hands behind his head as he said, "Not that you're a dirty old man, if that's what's worrying you." He sniffed. "You are a dirty old man, though, just not in this particular case. I mean, you're crass to Celica, and she's a Princess, but you stay your tongue when you're talking to Genny." And he smiled his infuriating smile. "Don't tell me that's not a dead giveaway, Saber."

"Pot meets kettle," Saber grumbled. "You've talked about Celica's breasts so many times that I'm starting to think you've actually seen 'em." Jesse had a good laugh at that. "In all seriousness, though, Genny's a good kid. She doesn't need to have me telling her sailor's jokes. That ... wouldn't be right. She deserves better than that."

"See? That's what I'm talking about," Jesse said. "Normally, you don't show anyone that kind of consideration. Anyone!" His voice softened. "And ... is she really a kid after everything she's seen? I've seen how she looks at you, and I'm sure you have, too."

"Come on, now." Saber sighed again. "She's the marrying kind. You don't need me to tell you that. Do I look like somebody who'll ever settle down and be respectable?"

A long pause. Then, Jesse said, propping himself up on his elbows, "You're waiting for me to say no, aren't you? But I'm not going to. I'm betting your hellion days are over, and you just don't want to admit it." Saber opened his mouth to protest, but Jesse did not let him interrupt. "You're already pretty damn respectable, and I bet you'll be ready and willing to settle down once this war's over. You just need to find the right place and the right person." Another short laugh. "And maybe you've found the right person."

"Oh, don't make assumptions." Saber rolled onto one side to keep from looking at him. "You're a fellow who'd have breasts for pillows every night if he could arrange it."

"And diced Pegasus cheese with Ram wine every morning," Jesse admitted, "but that doesn't mean I'm wrong, you know. Funny thing is –" He looked up at the sky again, trying to see it through the branches that waved in the breeze overhead. "– I'm pretty sure she knows you're thinking about it. She's just waiting for you to decide, so –" Again, his voice softened. "– don't take too long. Turning someone down's a bad kind of heartbreak, but never saying a word is so much worse. Besides!" He brightened up. "Give me a little time, and I know I'll find the right place for all of us to settle down."

"The day you're the dreamer who actually fulfills one of his stupid dreams is the day you're a king," Saber growled, closing his eye and listening to the brook.

Jesse sighed and said, almost too softly to hear, "Just you wait, my friend."


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From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
This is gold. I love the banter between Saber and Jesse, Jesss totally knows what's up. XD I like to think Saber just wanted an excuse to have Genny heal him and Genny just wanted an excuse to be near him, lol.


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