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Well, if I'm honest, it's specifically a fanmix for Vidar, where "Vidar" really should be taken to mean "Gaelio and Ein, basically through the whole damn thing". *snrk*

The songs are meant to run in basically chronological order, and usually (but not always!) apply to one or the other of the characters in question. I fail at proper playlists, so alas these are just a series of YouTube links; maybe I'll clean it all up some time down the line?

also, screw Fanlore and its "rules"

So, here is 'Synchronism':

Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion) -- Queensryche
Alien Nation -- Scorpions
Leave It Alone -- Moist
Sea Of Madness -- War Babies
Better Man -- Sixx: A.M.
Lost Brotherhood -- Gowan
Winter Sun -- Dishwalla
*Stolen Prayer -- Alice CooperJoy In Small Places -- David Usher

* -- this links to a streaming site where you can find Stolen Prayer in the album tracklist, because goddamn if I can find a working YouTube link for it *grumbles*

I'm not the best at the fanmix concept, but I gave it a shot. Cheers ;3


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