May. 4th, 2017

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Big Bangs are traditionally, though surprisingly not originally!, challenges where an author writes many, many words of fic - generally between 10,000 and 100,000 - and is matched with an artist who creates some sort of art (banners, manips, traditional illustrations, fanmixes, etc.) to go along with the fic.

However, since many Big Bangs run over the span of months and we're a monthly challenge, we're going to have a Bitty Bang!

Write 2,000 words (your choice of subjects) and get matched with an 'artist' to get at least a small doodle, pair of icons, etc. related to your story!

(While amnesty is permanent, art will be limited to works completed by the end of the month, unless there are rogue artists roaming around after who like a challenge~)

Since Big Bangs have Author Signups, so will we-- much like with a traditional Big Bang, signing up doesn't obligate you to create anything.

Characters or Pairing, if applicable:

It is also okay to signup with a 'blank' signup if you aren't sure yet. (More than one is good, too!)


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