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Fandom: Star Trek: the Original Series (Mirror Universe)
Title: In Worst Arms Shall See
Characters: Mirror!Kirk, Mirror!Spock
Word count: 2790 words
Summary: After Kirk's death at Spock's hands, Kirk gets stuck by Spock's side until Spock's last day. (note: canonical major character death)
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I don't think I'll get my second one done because this one took up my whole month omg.

XIII (AO3 link)
Doctor Who/The Book Club RPF (Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy)
3226 words

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Got my second one done and posted yaaaaay

Red Winter
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
3447 words
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Have an AO3 link! :3

To Remain
Revolutionary Girl Utena
2790 words

I would have gotten this up a day ago, but fffff work madness /paaaaws
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Big Bangs are traditionally, though surprisingly not originally!, challenges where an author writes many, many words of fic - generally between 10,000 and 100,000 - and is matched with an artist who creates some sort of art (banners, manips, traditional illustrations, fanmixes, etc.) to go along with the fic.

However, since many Big Bangs run over the span of months and we're a monthly challenge, we're going to have a Bitty Bang!

Write 2,000 words (your choice of subjects) and get matched with an 'artist' to get at least a small doodle, pair of icons, etc. related to your story!

(While amnesty is permanent, art will be limited to works completed by the end of the month, unless there are rogue artists roaming around after who like a challenge~)

Since Big Bangs have Author Signups, so will we-- much like with a traditional Big Bang, signing up doesn't obligate you to create anything.

Characters or Pairing, if applicable:

It is also okay to signup with a 'blank' signup if you aren't sure yet. (More than one is good, too!)

Quick Note

May. 3rd, 2017 09:00 am
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I haven't forgotten you! May's challenge will be up by tomorrow evening!

Mod just finished Finals and has commencement on Friday and has not done housework in a week and auugh!
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A few years ago, I wrote a big bang story called 'Breathing Underwater', for Dearka/Yzak/Shiho from Gundam SEED/Destiny. At the time, I'd listed a few songs that had been influential to the story and, since I need to finish a few expanded scenes for the story and had it on my mind, I thought I'd also expand the song list a bit and make it into a proper soundtrack. ^_^;

Breathing Underwater )
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Hello! First post in this comm! C:

This is the second (complete) fanmix I've made ever; they're lots of fun! A couple of songs kept nagging at me to be made into a mix, so I spent a little while putting this together!

Title: her tears like diamonds
Fandom: Diabolik Lovers
Pairing: Yui Komori/Ayato Sakamaki
{listen here!}

30 minutes long; track list below!
her tears like diamonds )
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Well, if I'm honest, it's specifically a fanmix for Vidar, where "Vidar" really should be taken to mean "Gaelio and Ein, basically through the whole damn thing". *snrk*

The songs are meant to run in basically chronological order, and usually (but not always!) apply to one or the other of the characters in question. I fail at proper playlists, so alas these are just a series of YouTube links; maybe I'll clean it all up some time down the line?

also, screw Fanlore and its "rules"

So, here is 'Synchronism':

song list and links under the cut )

I'm not the best at the fanmix concept, but I gave it a shot. Cheers ;3
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 I've never actually made a fanmix before so I had a lot of fun! Although I've disregarded a lot of the rules in that guide on the Fanlore entry, haha.

The fanmix is called endure also the thorns, for the ship Balaban/Beyazit of the manga Shokoku no Altair and can be found here.
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Also called Fan Soundtracks, or FSTs, Fanmixes are fanmade mixtapes inspired by fandoms, pairings, characters, etc. While some accompany other works, such as Big Bang fics, many are made as unique fanwork. Often, creators make CD-case-sized art depicting front and back covers for their mix.

The challenge: make your own mix. Four song minimum, art optional. There's no rules on what the mix can be for- a character, a movie, BPAL perfume, dinosaurs... nor any song-length requirements.

Posting can be done however is easiest - 8tracks link, link to a Youtube playlist, etc.
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Ten icons, yay!

Originally I'd planned to do a set of Lasswell exclusively, but with relatively limited resources (and cropping being a pain in the arse to still get what I wanted) I decided bah, Rain can sneak in also. Lasswell doesn't let the dumbarse out of his sight anyway when he can help it --

Then a crystal icon, because of course. And one of Shera's chibi design because Shera ~

icons hiding under here )
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I love making icons :D Well, sort of. In times past, I could be very diligent about making a background for every icon and all that jazz, but these days I'd much rather just crop and edit the lighting, colouring, etc. of the picture itself. I guess these days I just go for a simpler style.

6 100x100 icons of Sakurauchi Riko
6 100x100 icons of Koizumi Hanayo
12 200x200 icons of Kaname Madoka or Ultimate Madoka

The Madoka icons are bigger because Tumblr, but they'll work just fine on DW!

Read more... )

If anyone wants to request Madoka Magica icons, feel free! I'm really happy to make them!
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This was a fun challenge. I decided to try seasons 1-2 of The Americans since that's what I've been binging at the moment. It's a hard show to icon because it resists visual stylization so much (and is shot SO DARK).

5 icons )
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January 2017

Completed Tables & Banner )

February 2017

Completed Tables & Banner )

Things To Do In March

Currently Running Exchanges, Challenges, Etc. )

If You Liked January's Challenge--

Keep an eye on [personal profile] luxken27's journal when summer begins.
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I had some quiet time for once and made these very simple icons. ^^;;

| |

Gundam, Fire Emblem, Mahouka )
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Icons! Over the last few months, I've seen a lot of people coming/returning to Dreamwidth from Livejournal, Tumblr, and other sites... and then promptly mention their lack of (current) icons.

While we're just going to make a handful of icons for ourselves or others, icon-making has been a popular challenge-type for many years. Some people maintain their own communities for the icons they've made, some fandoms have communities just for icons, and challenges like icontests, LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing), and 20 in 20 (20 Icons in 20 Days) have been popular.

The challenge: make at least five icons. They can be fannish or non-fannish and as un/fancy as you'd like.

don't worry, there's no voting - I don't want to be the first off the icon island

If you have no idea what to make icons of, feel free to leave a comment offering to make icons for others. Please only do this if you're sure you can follow through, though.

If you need somewhere to host your icons for display, all DW accounts have image hosting.
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I didn't nearly finish the challenge (I should have known that two character lists was biting off more than I could chew, and in the end I didn't even finish one), but I did write four stories! One Marvel Cinematic Universe, three Dragon Age: Inquisition, all posted on AO3, all flashfic, all gen or mostly gen.

Rule 34
The first time Natasha Romanoff and Daisy Johnson... Timeframe vague, minor spoiler for Agents of SHIELD S4, Ep12

"Josephine and Varric were supposed to go shopping, but..." Set at an unspecified time during Inquisition, no spoilers.

Cassandra sneaks into Varric's room in the middle of the night. DA:I, post-Guilty Pleasures, has spoilers for that quest.

Cassandra and Scout Harding, "We Need to Do This Together." Set during the Jaws of Hakkan DLC but no real spoilers for it.


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