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Here are the prompts for February's Character Mad-Libs! Don't look at the lists if you're planning to participate. Instead, sign-up over here, on the sign-up post. (If you somehow accidentally see the prompts and need them scrambled, let me know.)

There are two prompt lists - one list skews more towards shipfic, one towards genfic. You can write shipfic for the gen prompts or genfic for the shippy prompts.

Shipfic Prompts )

Genfic Prompts )

Did you get anything surprisingly good? Hilarious? Feel free to share in the comments!

Monthly activity round-up post and January masterlist & award banners coming very soon. ^_^;
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Character Mad-Libs/Random Numbers! This sort of challenge was popular (and still appears sometimes) as a meme in which one person would make a secret, numbered list of characters and other people would prompt them with scenarios like '1 and 2 adopt a kitten' or '4 and 7's most romantic dinner date!'... of course, if 1 and 2 were Darth Vader and Sauron, or 4 and 7 were Megatron and Harry Potter, things got pretty amusing. ^_^; Some dedicated communities also sprung up using the format we're going to use.

In the comments of this post, list four characters. They do not all need to be from the same fandom or even fandom characters. Your original characters are fine to use, or a mix. There will be both gen and shippy prompt lists; you can pick which set you'd like to do now (or wait and decide after seeing the lists).

Prompts will be up no later than the 4th of February. Each character will have a prompt with every other character (using four characters, that's six prompts total). If you're signing up after the 4th, that's fine. If you accidentally looked at the prompt lists, let me know and I can scramble them for you.


1. Darth Vader
2. Sauron
3. Harry Potter
4. Sherlock Holmes

And then wait patiently and see what silliness (or your new OTP) awaits!
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1. There's still time to finish up your tables for January! However, if you don't complete your claim, don't worry. [community profile] monthlysupergo is meant to be low-pressure, so amnesty is permanent. Also, if you want to try your hand at the other tables, claiming is also indefinitely open. That means that if, when April rolls around and that month's challenge isn't your cuppa, you can come back and claim another table if you'd like.

2. If you know of any exchanges, big bangs, fests, challenges, bingos, or otherwise that are currently running, I'm working on putting together an end-of-month event post. Let me know and I can get them listed.

3. The first post of February's challenge will go up shortly!
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I claimed Table Two (Senses) for Gotham - links go to AO3:

Sight - It's never a good idea to cross a criminal in Gotham. TW for dubcon. (3k)

 Sound - Jim finds out Oswald is ticklish. (1.5k)

 Touch - Jim gets injured (again) and needs some help shaving. (1.5k)

 Taste - Miscommunication leads to misunderstandings. TW for possessive, jealous behaviour. (3k)

Smell - A road trip necessitates bed sharing. (3k)
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I claimed Table 3 for Lost Odyssey. Fics range in length from 300 words to 1200. Links are to fics on DW; I also posted to AO3.

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Yay drabbles! Whee :3

These were for Table Three -- five drabbles for Final Fantasy *grin*

Table 3
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Claiming is open for January's Themed Prompt Tables!

Also, we have an AO3 collection right over here if you want to crosspost any works created for this challenge.
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January 2017's Challenge is Themed Prompt Tables!

Themed prompt tables! Many theme table challenges were fandom or even pairing specific and had their own communities. Tables generally had anywhere between five and a hundred prompts on them. Shorter ones often had themes, like the ones below, but many of the hundred-prompt ones were collections of themes and also 'writer's choice' slots. Many authors and artists took on the challenge of writing 100 stories about their favourites. (I wonder how many ever finished... I had a friend who I know kept working on hers for the better part of a decade before finally admitting defeat.) Many also had claiming and limits on how many people could be writing for certain fandoms or pairings, depending. (Some also had time limits - if someone didn't post any new works for three months, they'd lose their claim, etc.)

Table 1 - Time Periods


Table 2 - Senses


Table 3 - Elements


Claiming Instructions:

Leave a comment with the table you want to claim and the Fandom and, optionally, Pairing, or Character you'd like to claim with. (Don't worry, there are no limits on how many people can claim a certain anything. It's just fun to keep track.) You may only have one table claim at a time, but once you finish your claim, post a new entry with links to your works and then you can claim a new table.

Original work is allowed. (Claim as 'original' or 'original, character/universe/etc.'.)

Minimums for completion - each written work should be at least 100 words, art should be at least a nice doodle, any other media can be discussed but should be equivalent.

There are no penalties for claiming but not completing a table this month.

If you have any questions, ask here or in the Prod-a-Mod Post. \o/

view current claims )
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The list for 2017 isn't set in stone yet, but here are some possibilities:

• Theme Tables
• Random Numbers (list four characters, then prompts will be given '1 and 4 go to a bakery. what happens?')
• Mini-Bingo/Tic-Tac-Toe
• Mini-Minibang
• Mix Tape
• Round Robin
• Canadian Shack/similar tropes
• Icons/art
• Themed Commentfic
• Fusion Madness
• etc.

At the end of each month, there's going to be a round-up post or two of completed challenges, links to similar still-active challenges, and any other multi-fandom events/communities people would like to advertise.


Dec. 18th, 2016 09:02 am
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Have a question? Have a suggestion? Have something else? This is the post!


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